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The Brunch Run Crew is a community organization composed of young professionals in the St. Louis area who enjoy living an active lifestyle, yet can't get enough of brunch. 'The Crew' meets weekly for runs, to work up a light sweat and then enjoy some good food and turn up! Our motto is "fitness, food, and fun ". We fellowship, laugh, and may even bust out a few dance moves.


Besides runs, we plan other workouts to add variety and cater to all interests. Examples include zumba, yoga, tennis, & rock climbing to name a few. The crew consists of people of all fitness levels & others who just love to eat! We consider ourselves a family, yet are always looking to expand. We encourage you to check out one of our upcoming events below & become a part of The Crew!

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What’s Next?!

September 7th
Trap Run! - Click to Register

September 21st
bRUNch of the Summer! | Layla - The Grove

Coming Soon…
Soulard Barcycle Party

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